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@RISK performs risk analysis using Monte Carlo simulation.
Palisade Corporation
Lux Delux
Game of strategy and domination inspired by the board game Risk.
Sillysoft Games
Risk II
Probably the best way to play the classic Risk game.
Deep Red Games

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A full risk analytics solution integrating cost and schedule risk management.
Pertmaster Software
Osprey Risk
Good fraud management within your organisation can reduce financial losses.
Project Risk Analysis
Engineering and risk analysis application.
Katmar Software
Risk - Classic Risk Board Game Clone
Java Risk is excellent Free Risk Game Software.
Risk - Risk Board Game
It is a program designed for risk scenario planning.
Risk Researcher
Risk Reseacher assists in making considered and appropriate risk decisions.
IRESS Limited
UKPDS Risk Engine
The UKPDS Risk Engine provides risk estimates and 95% confidence intervals.
Diabetes Trials Unit, University of Oxford
It is a tool for predicting and managing the risk of heart attack and stroke.
European Society of Cardiology
JBL Risk Manager
Stock market position sizing software for share traders.
Joseph Barrington-Lew

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PPC e-Practice Aids Risk-Based Audits of Local Governments (3-06)
Practitioners Publishing Company (PPC) - A Thomson Business
It provides advanced Monte Carlo simulation in Excel.
Vose Software
Powerful risk assessment application.
CGE Risk Management Solutions B.V.
Primavera Risk Analysis
Full lifecycle risk analytics solution.
Oracle Corporation
Task Analysis and Risk Assessments
TIRA is a comprehensive risk management and risk analysis program.
On Safe Lines Consultancy Ltd
IT Risk Check
TruPoint Partners
Absolute Risk
Classic "World Domination Risk" game.
Ferid Mövsümov
DPL Direct
It provides the means to quickly perform decision and risk analysis.
Syncopation Software